April 19, 2024

You’ve made an appointment with your preferred photographer for a photo shoot. You may have had a consultation and know precisely where your session will take place, when payment is due, when to show up, and what kind of look your photographer usually delivers. However, have you thought about what to dress for the appointment? Is your issue that you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities and anxious about everything that could go wrong? While clothes may be a significant priority for some, many still forget to think about what they will wear for the moments they want to remember forever or give to loved ones. You should include choosing what to wear to a picture shoot in your preparation for the session; it doesn’t have to be a stressful decision.


It may sound obvious, yet we frequently overlook this vital truth since there are so many images in the world that dictate how we should look. Make sure it’s you and not an idealized version influenced by someone outside of yourself during a picture shoot because it’s your chance to showcase yourself to the world. Nobody else’s expression is expressed through what you wear. Take ownership of it.


Put on something you find inspiring. Once more, this is easy to do, but it will be helpful on shoot day. Everybody has specific go-to ensembles that make them feel unique and look fantastic. It would help if you showed up for the photo shoot wearing this.


Intense colors, patterns, and text can be quite distracting in a shot. If you show up for the shoot wearing a bright yellow jacket, it will be difficult for others to see you. We advise sticking to the first two guidelines on this list while adding neutral colors, plain apparel, no wild patterns, no writing, and no large logos. Recall that you are the subject of the portrait, not your attire. Your clothing should complement you, not contradict you. Additionally, confirm that your attire is appropriate for the shot. A suit or shirt can be suitable for a business profile. You can relax a little if it’s the Christmas picture for your neighborhood theatre group.


Our eyes naturally gravitate towards the lightest area of a portrait. Darker clothes usually work best because they highlight your face. This advice is subject to change. Light attire might look great and be appropriate for a photo session. Therefore, while it’s not an absolute rule, this is a beautiful general principle to ensure your photo truly shines. Generally speaking, I’d advise going darker for corporate headshots.


I adore it when folks show up with an abundance of outfit alternatives. It enables us to determine the ideal ensemble for the day jointly. It also implies that you can get more out of the photo shoot by dressing differently. Take time packing; bring as many outfits and changes as you like. Unquestionably, it is an intelligent concept for a business photo shoot—you can be creative and still get the most out of the session for your company.

Bonus tip: If the photo is of a group or family, you don’t have to match everyone else’s outfit. Consider something more akin to praising one another. All in all, though, a family photo shoot done in matching tracksuits would be very geeky great.


If you only remember one thing from this post, keep things basic and stick to solid colors so others won’t immediately notice your clothing. Wear clothing that accentuates your figure and fits nicely to flatter your shape. Keep everything simple and natural; your hair should frame your features, and your clothes and makeup should be natural. When photographing in a group, consider your color scheme and desired mood and coordinate rather than match. It’s ideal to see the ensembles in advance.

Don’t wear patterns or graphics that will distract you. It’s usually a big occasion for a photo shoot, so dress to impress. Only dress casually if the situation calls for it. Plan your wardrobe a few days before the photo session. Although it may seem simple to choose your attire, you must plan and wing it on the day of your photo session to avoid being stuck in a bind. Do not, under any circumstances, wait until the day of your shoot to put on a new wardrobe, arrange your hair, or apply makeup in a novel way.

Above everything, be authentic. The above recommendations are simply that—recommendations. Ultimately, the most crucial rule is to wear whatever makes you feel confident and at ease. I always recommend hiring a stylist if all of this seems too much for you and you would like to delegate wardrobe management to someone else. And The Luggage Cart is my go-to stylist in the region. I know of no better wardrobe stylist than Dreams Catcher. Get in touch with her HERE for a free consultation.

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